PROERSA have more than four decades of experience in offering our clients an integrated quality service that includes key factors designed to guarantee a product of outstanding quality.


We adapt to the necessities of our clients providing a custom designed service that can satisfy each distinct stage of the production process; product development, purchase of raw materials, production of concentrates, purchase of the aerosol components, preparation and treatment of the packaging, aerosols and concentrates and distribution logistics.

tailored service


We have our own laboratories where we undertake the investigation, development and industrialization of new aerosol products,creating exclusive and custom designed formulations for our clients. We carry out thorough tests for stability and durability in order to guarantee the maximum reliability of each product.

R+D+i in our own laboratory


we carry out detailed quality controls during all stages of the production process. From the purchase and reception of raw materials and imported components, to concentrates including those we produce in-house and those purchased from outside suppliers, to the packaging of the finished product. Our quality control system is designed to ensure that we meet the most demanding quality standards.

quality controls


we have a clear responsibility to our clients in terms of privacy, safety, data protection and confidentiality.Everyone involved in the development and production of a new product guarantees strict confidentiality.



From the beginning of the process we offer our clients a technical assessment service with the aim of helping to identify the best and most efficient solution to plan and develop their product. In addition, we can provide the necessary documentation to comply with all current legislation and the necessary support in order to design a logistical strategy.

technical consulting


In our large and renovated facilities we have available six fully automated production lines that have a total capacity of 50,000,000 aerosols per year. This Infrastructure allows us to offer our clients a high level of flexibility and responsiveness in our service.

6 production lines

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