Focus on the most under-valued component of the aerosol : the valve

How do an average user describe an aerosol? It’s an under pressure recipient , with gas … A spray…

The aerosol has become such a popular product that the buying experience is led by the design of the can, but nobody really pays attention the choice of the components. Maybe people would also talk about the other visible parts : the difuser and the cap. However, stopping the description here, leaves a critical part of the aerosol out of the equation : the valve. Indeed, the valve is the most technical part of the aerosol. This is an assembly of 6 components altogether. The valve allows the aerosol to spray correctly and to be hermetically closed.

For example, those last few years have seen the raise of Bag On Valve (BOV) products and also of compressed deodorants. Both innovations are due to the work made on the valves and they make the aerosol more eco-friendly : drop of 50% of the amount of gas put in the can, or even better no gas at all.

PROERSA is industrially equipped to fulfill all your requirements with those 2 technologies mentionned above.

To go further on your knowledge of the valves, we invite you te read this very good article by Aerosol – la Revista ( article in Spanish).

Consideraciones técnicas para la selección de una válvula de aerosol

consideraciones tecnicas para la seleccion de una valvula de aerosol

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