Cosmetic aerosol manufacturing – Focus on deodorants, sun spray and thermal water spray

Cosmetic aerosol manufacturing -. The goal of this article is to bring an aerosol manufacturer’s perspective on these 3 best-sellers: Thermal water spray, deodorant and sun spray.  Do these products present special difficulties for manufacturing ? What are the solutions to make them evolve in the direction of customer’s expectations ?

Deodorants: what do we recommend as an aerosol filler ?

One of the most used products for personal care is deodorant. The equation is very simple: hot weather = sweat…

There are 2 families of product in the deodorants: alcoholic deodorants and anti-perspirant deodorants. Body sprays take part in the alcoholic deodorant category. Basically, instead of using gas to spray the product, they use a perfume pump.

Alcoholic deodorants are made of 4  main components which are alcohol, perfume, an emollient and an antibacterial agent. The action of these 4 components allow the diffusion of the perfume, leaving the skin hydrated and preventing the action bacteries causing bad body smell.

The key element to obtain a good quality deodorant lies in the quality of the perfume inside it, mainly its remanence.

An anti-perspirant aims to work directly on the transpiration flow, thanks to an anti-perspirant active. It means an anti-perspirant will prevent the sensation of wet arm pit. They block the sweat conducts and sweat glands.

Good to know: Traditionnally, anti-perspirant deodorants would contain , until recently, aluminium salts. Several scientific studies  have emitted reserves towards aluminium salts for their effects on public health.

The solution: there are now new antiperspirant formulas without aluminium salts. This latter gets progressively replaced with components like sage essential oil, magnesium oxide. These 2 components for example have the same effect to prevent sweat.


Sun spray – a few precautions to take before aerosol filling

As a starter on this subject, it is important to use sun spray for any sun bath, small or big, to protect the skin from aging faster than normal. Even sitting at the sunny terrace of a café should be a trigger to use sun spray. Having said that, with summer and the beach days upon us, sun sprays is definitively an ally for your holidays and all your outdoor leisures.

From an aerosol contract filler perspective, sun spray is a product more complex to manufacture and needs a real expertise. Indeed, this product present several constraints: the relation between complexity of the formula, the SPF claimed, patent filing, legislation. Once a formula is technically validated in laboratory, there has to some additional tests to be sure it will work in production with the finalized packaging.

The reglementation process for a sun spray marketing authorisation takes more time than any other cosmetics. It is important to forecast an additional step to validate the efficiency tests, to be able to justify the sun protection factor claimed by the formula.

Good to know: Scientific research moves forward and sun sprays are also benefiting from these progress. One of  the accusation against sun spray being the dangerosity for aquatic fauna, for example on the  great coral reef in Australia. There are now some new generation sun sprays, that allow to keep protection factor up until SPF 50+ and that are respectful of the environment.


Thermal water spray

Of course when we speak about summer, we think espicifically about intense heat. There is one product that has managed to create its space on supermarket sheves when the temperature starts to rise: thermal water spray.

Thermal water spray is a simple product to manufacture. In its most current form, the filling is made with thermal water and then we inject nitrogen ( non petrochemical gas – neutral carbon footprint).

Good to know: the filling with nitrogen creates one limit for the consumer’s experience. In order for the spray to work in optimal conditions, it has to be maintained in vertical position. Without this, the spray empties itself of gas and then you have the cliché of the aerosol with something left in it but no way to get it out.

BOV Filling stages

The solution: Bag – on – valve ! With a bag-on-valve system, you can ensure an emptying of the aerosol of more than 99% and you can use it in every directions (360 degrees)


Conclusion – Cosmetic aerosol manufacturing

In conclusion, PROERSA can offer you ready-to-use formulas on all of these products and more. We are also able to offer you formulas with green ingredients and technologies. Cosmetic aerosol manufacturing is in our DNA.

PROERSA AEROSOLES, S.A.U. is a European market leader for aerosol filling. Since 1969, we are dedicated exclusively to private label.
We make all the aerosol contract manufacturing process’ easier for you. We can offer you a turn-key solution ( Full-service) or just help you on specific operations. Our services include R&D, formulation, manufacturing of concentrate, filling and assembling of the components.

For sun sprays, we have also observed that the foam galenic was a high-growth segment. In general, the foam galenic is booming on the total aerosol market. You can find our recent article about foams presenting you the latest products to follow: Foams: 5 new products ideas to expand your sales

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