5  Beauty innovations in aerosol inspired by Asia

K-beauty aerosols – One of the trends in the cosmetics sector is the rise of Asian markets in the consumption of aerosol beauty products.

We will see in this article that Southeast Asia is innovating a lot. We are witnessing the emergence of Asian brands and companies, specialists in the beauty sector. These new actors bring new gestures and novelties to our beauty routines. We will also see in this article that Western companies adapt their strategies and directly take into account the Asian markets for the development of new products.


K-beauty aerosols – Korean moisturizing mists (Mist)

South Korea is far ahead in cosmetic innovation. The phenomenon is such that it has developed the name K-beauty to speak of Korean cosmetics. South Korea exported $ 4.96 billion worth of cosmetics to the world in 2017. (Source: figures released by KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency)

More generally, K-beauty is defined with products made up of natural and organic ingredients. The second component of K-beauty is the beauty routine, or layering. This includes the application of a multitude of beauty products throughout the day, each with a specific effect.

We recently published an article on thermal water sprays. K-beauty is a specialist in this product category and has a real know-how in their formulation.

But why opt for a Korean mist at the expense of a classic thermal water spray ? We are dealing with 2 very different product concepts. Korean moisturizing mists are positioned primarily as treatments rather than simple refreshing aerosols.

Below is an illustration of these hydrating mists:

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist antioxidant mist

This brand formulates a large part of its skincare with Jeju’s organic green tea, one of the best in the world. This mist uses the antioxidant properties of green tea to protect and refresh the skin.

Mizon hydrating mist!

This spray contains 90% filtered snail mucus, an active ingredient known for its powerful moisturizing, regenerating, repairing and soothing properties on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Large international groups are also getting into K-Beauty – example  below with a few aerosols

Estee Lauder and her brand Dr Jart + – Dr. Jart + Ceramidin hydrating spray

Estée Lauder directly purchased Have & Be Co. Ltd. in 2019, the Seoul-based global skincare company behind Dr. Jart +. Dr. Jart + is a fast growing global skin care brand.

For example, Dr. Jart + Ceramidin Moisturizing Spray is a two-level spray that combines an oil and aqueous serum to provide instant, deep hydration to dry skin. This moisturizing cream spray has been formulated to rehydrate the skin and repair its natural barrier. Designed as a liquid shield that strengthens and protects it from chronic hydration loss thanks to its powerful ceramides. Simply shake the bottle and spray the product on your skin to keep it glowing and hydrated.

Native laboratory and the Jowaé brand – moisturizing water

Laboratoire Native is the cosmetics conglomerate which brings together the Lierac, Phyto, Jowaé and Roger & Gallet brands and which targets the selective distribution channel. The companies of the conglomerate have in common cosmetic formulas developed from natural plant active ingredients effective in skin care.

Jowaé is a phytoactive skincare brand resulting from Franco-Korean research. Its innovation? Restore the skin’s balance in the face of daily aggressions so that it regains its natural harmony. Therefore, The Jowaé laboratory has developed unique rebalancing and protective treatments to preserve the youth of the skin and reveal its original radiance.

Hydrating Skin Care Water is a product with antioxidants and scents from Korea. Hence, this formula is perfect for rehydrating the skin and protecting the skin.

After Sun Crackling Mousse

Finally, we will see a product that we have already studied in a previous article: crackling foams (cf. Aerosol foam: 5 ideas to boost your sales)

In the bestseller examples in this category, we should salute the Herborist brand, or 佰 草 集 (Bai Cao Ji). For now, it is the only premium Chinese cosmetics brand that has successfully established itself on the Asian and European continent. It is a brand of the Chinese group Jahwa, founded 110 years ago in Shanghai. Their flagship product is the After Sun Crackling Mousse.

It is obvious that this is a product that has been strongly influenced by the Asian markets. Presently, it is interesting to note how this innovation is becoming part of our beauty routines.

Conclusion – K-beauty aerosols

In conclusion, PROERSA is able to help you make your own – K-beauty aerosols – whether they are body mists or crackling foams. Undeniably, formulating natural active ingredients in aerosols is part of our DNA.

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