Aerosol filling of Water Sprays

Although these are not the most technical aerosols to be packaged, the manufacture of thermal water sprays / misters requires a few points of vigilance during development.

Thermal Water Mists / Sprays are products that have made a name for themselves on the aerosol market.

To be sure not to forget anything, PROERSA summarizes the points to be taken into account before the manufacture of thermal water spray / mist.


1 / The formula: with or without preservative?

Our customers and prospects use important market players as a benchmark. By doing so, they see a simple INCI: Aqua.

In the search for a natural product, this certainly meets a criterion of minimalist formulation.

However, the major market players are in different industrial configurations. They own the spring directly and organize production operations directly near the spring. For aerosols and normal water bottles, the packaging plants are at the foot of the spring.

On the other hand, for conservation, they can use the ionization technique. This technique achieves conservation by beta radiation. This avoids having to add a preservative to the formula.


Unless you can invest in purchasing a spring and filling plant, the easiest way is to add a chemical preservative. We use it in a concentration between 0.05 and 0.1%. From then on, it appears on the INCI list. The choice and proportion of preservative will depend on the properties of the water.

We would also like to point out here that you can send the water directly to us for conditioning, as long as it has been preserved previously. We also recommend using black containers if possible to avoid sunlight and contaminations as much as possible during the transport.

2 / Technology: with Nitrogen or BOV?

Good to know: both formats allow you to use the COSMOS Ecocert label on your products.

On the other hand, we tend to recommend BOV packaging as much as possible. By its properties, the bag-on-valve filling significantly improves the customer experience when using a thermal water spray.

With a Bag on Valve system, you can ensure 99% aerosol emptying. In addition, you can use it in any direction (360 degrees).

BOV Filling stages

Packaging with nitrogen includes a limit in consumer usage. For the thermal water spray to work properly, it must be kept in a vertical position. Without it, the spray drains gas. You end up with the infamous spray where there is water inside it but no way to get it out.

Of course in terms of cost, BOV is more expensive than nitrogen. We’re talking about a difference of € 0.20.

Conclusion: It is important to know your market well to know if the additional cost generated by the BOV is acceptable. If you can afford it, make the switch it’s worth it.


3 / Choice of the cans


For a launch on this market, with the cans format  of the big brands, it is necessary to have minimum orders of 50,000 cans.

This is because can manufacturers who can supply cans in these sizes are rare and often have tight production schedules. This is why the MOQs imposed are relatively high.

For orders of less than 50,000 units, we recommend that you start from  capacities of 250ml, which greatly facilitates the task of sourcing cans.



In conclusion, PROERSA has turnkey formulas for the products described above. We are also able to help you with the Aerosol filling of thermal Water Sprays.


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