About compressed aerosols filling…

The technical progress provided by valve manufacturers has made it possible to leap forward in compressed products.

The issue of compressed aerosols is irremediably debated every time a customer thinks about launching a new product. It is an innovation that has interest and is popular with the public. In this period, when ecology is becoming more and more important in our lives, compressed aerosol is a good idea and ingenuity.

With this article, we will detail the technology in place with the compressed aerosol to concretely explain what it is. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this technology?


We will also wonder about the penetration rate of this technology in the current aerosol market? What are the compressed aerosol markets?


Compressed aerosol technology

What is a compressed aerosol? The basic idea behind the compressed aerosol is to be able to have the same usability as a normal aerosol, but by reducing the packaging.

In the idea, the reduction of the packaging allows to use less metal for the case, less space and weight for the transport and less propellant too.

In fact, let’s take the example of an antiperspirant deodorant that we compress from 150ml to 75ml format. The two main axes to effect this compression are as follows:

Reduction of the propellant gas contained in the box – keeping the same quantity of concentrate. Modification of the concentrated gas ratio

Reduction of the aerosol flow rate to keep the same usage time. Roughly speaking, the spraying of a compressed aerosol is halved.


As you will understand, compressed aerosols are mainly possible thanks to the innovations made on the valve. However, the smaller flow rate of the valves for compressed aerosols encourages usage precautions during development. In fact, the risk of blockage is more pregnant. Not all aerosols with high viscosities, or powders inside, are good candidates for compression.


The compressed aerosol markets?

When considering the question of compressed aerosol for a new product, it is important to study the possible markets.

At present, this innovation seems to be restricted to a specific market: that of deodorants. In this market, only a handful of players seem to dominate in terms of market share. In particular, Unilever and its Dove brand seem to be doing well. It must be said that they were the first major player. Are we in an innovative market where the first to arrive takes all the market share? Winner takes it all?

It should be noted that other markets are also starting to have compressed products, in particular products for disinfection, but also deodorants.

A priori, one of the obstacles to the massive adoption of this product is the understanding of the elements shown in the first part. A compressed aerosol releases the same amount of product as a normal aerosol, in fact it does it half as quickly.

Also the price of compressed aerosols can slow down some consumers. This is why the price of compressed aerosols is generally similar to that of traditional aerosols.


Intuitively, one might think that the cost of compressed would be lower. However, the determining factor in the price is also the speed of filling the aerosol. However, as the valve used has smaller orifices, the filling speed is affected.

In the end, the identical costs between the 2 products can confuse consumers who are not aware of the technique behind compressed aerosols.





It is still early to know the future of compressed aerosol. Is it taking hold or on the contrary disappearing from the general public? Without a doubt, consumer education is essential to increase acceptance of this product.

With this article, we hope to contribute to the awareness of consumers and help them to have quality information. Whenever possible, we want to help our customers see environmentally friendly products.

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