Hair coloring spray: all you need to know about these essentials

Historically, aerosol has always been a powerful ally in hair styling products. We think in particular of lacquers, foams …

But in recent years, the aerosol market has increased its offering of hair coloring products. These products have enabled new uses of aerosol.

They offer effective, rapid and complementary solutions to permanent or semi-permanent hair colorings.

Explanation in detail about these hair coloring aerosols.

1- Root touch up spray

It is the flagship product for coloring the roots. It applies both to people with hair coloring and to people who start to have gray hair.

Indeed, after permanent hair coloring, when the hair grows back, it reveals the natural color of the roots. These products are used to delay your next visit to the hairdresser. You apply this product to the roots and your coloring regains its full effect.

The color choices are very wide and the range depends on the colors you want to cover first.

Some tips for use:

1. Cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothes.
2.Shake the product well before use. Hold the product upright.
3.Apply to dry, styled hair.
4.Spray 15cm away from hair with light pressure.
5.Do not spray too much, a small amount is enough.

2- Temporary Hair Dye Spray

It is a more recreational product by nature. Want to change your look for an evening or a few days? Then you have found the product for you. You don’t have to dye your hair and wait for your next visit to the hairdresser to regain your natural color.


Depending on the amount and concentration of dye in the aerosol, with one shampoo or more, you will find your natural color.

Again, the color range is very wide. You can have classics: blond, brown … But we also have more intense and less common colors, fuschia, turquoise blue like the heroine of Blue is the warmest color.

You can let your creativity and imagination run wild with these colors. If we don’t have the colors you are interested in directly, we can develop them quickly.

It is a product that dries very quickly and offers instant results. Visible for all hair types.

For advice on use, follow the same recommendations as in the first part.

3 – Tinted Dry Shampoo

This is the surprise guest of this selection. We are not talking exactly about a hair color for this product, but we consider that it also falls into this category.

The use of a dry shampoo also makes it possible to space the washings of the hair, which also makes it possible to preserve a color longer.

This product offers rapid application. It removes the need for an impeccable brushing of the hair to remove traces of powder (rice starch). The powder which absorbs the sebum of the hair is directly colored. This will prevent you from feeling like you have dandruff after using a dry shampoo.

In addition, there is also a temporary effect on the coloring of the roots, although less important than for the root touch-up spray.

Good to know: respect the operating distance of 30cm, otherwise the roots may appear lighter than the lengths. And don’t forget to rinse your hair because it is above all a shampoo. Like any shampoo, it needs to be rinsed off at one point or another.

4 – Restrictions and common sense advice

The case of dry hair

For extremely dry hair, then this type of coloring presents risks for the good health of your hair. Indeed the coloring sprays could penetrate the outer hair follicle, which would make washing the hair more difficult than before.

The case of allergies

A priori, these products present less risk than permanent or semi-permanent colorings, because they contain fewer strong chemicals (with ammonia for example).

If you think you are at risk of an allergic reaction with these products, it is recommended to do a test on an invisible part of the body for 48 hours. This will allow you to judge definitively.



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