The Impact of COVID and upcoming product trends


One thing is certain, we have to live with the uncertainties generated by the current health crisis.

With this article, we will try to give an overview of the new trends that will impact the aerosol market.

1- Points of sale and associacted by-products.

a.Travel Retail

One of the first victims of the health crisis is the travel retail industry. This distribution channel is one of the most impacted.

For example, traffic at Orly Airport fell by 77% in July compared to the same month the year before. In England, London’s second largest airport, Gatwick, has already parted with 600 staff.

The repercussions of this drop in airport traffic are damaging cosmetic products. The aerosol is in the front line among other cosmetic products in special formats (less than 100ml) to fit in cabin luggages.

Say goodbye to shopping for deodorants, shaving cream and other hairsprays that you have forgotten at home? At the moment, it is difficult to see a return to pre-crisis levels before at least the second half of 2021.

b. Cosmetic treatments by appointment

Although the end of the lockdown has led to a boom in cosmetic care, impossible during lockdown, it would seem that this market is also strongly impacted currently.

This category of cosmetic care includes hairdressing salons and hair removal salons, which are historical players in aerosol.

Perhaps more than the health crisis, it could be a consumer adjustment to the economic crisis to come. For men, this sounds like “why go to your hairdresser when you can do it with a trimmer at home?”

Obviously, this sector is one of the most affected at the moment. For aerosol, this means less hairsprays and other foams to sell to hairdressers.

2- Organic and the circular economy

For several years, this trend had already been at work. With the health crisis, this trend has intensified. Consumer awareness is at work and should not be taken lightly.

There is a market for companies that can formulate the right products and meet the expectations of consumers.

By preaching for the aerosol, the solutions offered by BOV technology stand out. With the Bag-on-Valve, the aerosol:

– does not contain petrochemical gas.

– 99% empty

– is recyclable in the yellow bin

Generally speaking, ecological products have this reputation for being more expensive too. Will this have an impact on the purchasing decisions of consumers, in the midst of the economic crisis?

BOV Filling stages

3- Disinfection products

How can we not mention them once again on our site? We are really talking about a trend and maybe even more. The arrival of a hypothetical vaccine should not be enough to halt this dynamic.

In cosmetics, this category covers a set of products for disinfecting hands, in particular hydro-alcoholic aerosol sprays.

In a larger perimeter, sprays for disinfecting surfaces and sprays for disinfecting confined spaces are playing a huge market.


4- Indie brands – influencers and social networks

Crises open up opportunities for those who know how to see them. We should see the emergence of new indie brands, or independent brands.

This phenomenon is characterized by brands independent from large groups, luxury or cosmetics, in the field of beauty.

The recipe for success for these brands is authenticity and the mission they want to fulfill. Our recent articles have covered success stories with products from these new brands.

The roles of social networks are preponderant in these successes. A paid campaign in traditional media is no longer the guarantee of a product’s sale. Instagram and TikTok are becoming the new benchmark media for product promotion, especially for the millennial generation.

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