New hairstyling products in aerosol

While getting used to the new normality on the front of COVID, we took the time to work on products developments.

The hair care market has always been an important part of the customer base of PROERSA. We are able to offer a whole variety of products both in hair spays and foams. PROERSA can address both the professionals’ markets (hairdressers’ salons) and the FMCG sector. We have variations of quality between the two.

Therefore, today  we are delighted and we have the pleasure to announce we have now available 2 new products: the hair wax spray and texturising spray.
For trying these products, please get in touch and we will send you some. The samples are now ready.


A – Hair wax spray

While most of us rely on hairspray to set our hairstyles in place, hair wax is really making a space for itself. This is an innovation on the hair care market. Consumers have really started to modify their use of hairpsrays and embrace the benefits of hair wax spray.

The best hair waxes add volume and texture to your hair, helping define your style while keeping everything right where it should be without leaving behind a sticky mess. Spray waxes do all of this, but in super easy spray-on formulas that literally take seconds to work.

Whether sprayed into your palms and worked into dry hair or applied directly into strands (about 15 cm away), a few sprays of our hair wax lets you give a finish in waves and piecey dimension without a stiff or crunchy feel.

If enhanced texture, hold and shine are what you’re after, look no further than this new product.


B- Texturising spray

Texturizing spray is the key to perfectly messy, Instagram-ready hair. This product adds volume, absorbs excess oil, and gives you grit and texture for long-lasting styles

It is particularly helpful it you use it in conjunction with a curling iron, lift the hair one side at a time and spray while you drop the sections of hair. This will give your strands lift, along with the piecey volume we love.

Another benefit that people don’t know or don’t use: A texturizing spray can actually act as a dry shampoo. It doesn’t only add texture and volume, but also absorbs excess oil. It’s an under-the-radar way to give your hair an extra boost on your second or third day between washes.

A couple of tips to bear in mind to get the most ouf ot this product:
– Don’t spray too close to the hair or the application on the hair will be too liquid.
– Get the product underneath the surface of your hair. Lift your hair as you spray it, otherwise it could make your hair look flat.

Difference between wax spray and texturising spray: was spray has a stronger hold than texturising spray. As stated before it offer enhanced texture, hold and shine compared to texturising spray.

Difference between texturising spray and dry shampoo: Both products absorb excess oil and product build-up in dry hair. However, dry texturizing spray also adds volume and texture.

Difference between texturising spray and hairspray: Both texturizing spray and hairspray help your hair hold a style for longer. The difference is that hairspray creates a more crisp, polished look, while texture spray gives you an undone, effortless finish.



PROERSA AEROSOLES, S.A.U. is a European market leader for aerosol filling. Since 1969, we are dedicated exclusively to private label.
We make the aerosol manufacturing process easy for you. We can offer you a turn-key solution ( Full-service) or just help you on specific operations. Our services include R&D, formulation, manufacturing of concentrate, filling and assembling of the components.

If you wish to develop a new aerosol product, but you have no idea where to start, you will find with the following link an article explaining you all the key steps of developing an aerosol and how to put together an efficient retroplanning. The 5 key steps of an aerosol development and efficient retroplanning.

Certainly, if you have an interest for aerosol packaging, please have a read at our latest article about foams in aerosols. We make a presentation of the best innovation in foams in aerosol. It is not only the hair care sector that is benefitting from innovations in aerosol. The whole beauty sector is actually benefitting from these innovations.

f you have an unstoppable curiosity for aerosol filling, we will release soon an ebook with all the information, techniques and tips. To be among the first to receive it, please subscribe to the newsletter and we will make sure you receive it in preview.

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