Cleaning products in Aerosol

With the outbreak of covid-19, cleaning products are a category surging in the needs of consumers. It is not only useful for household but also for every place used collectively, may it be work, school, hotels, bars.

This is a sector where PROERSA has always been involved and where we would like to remember our clients (recent and future) that we can help you for demands of products in this kind.

Let’s have a look at different scenario to work with us. And then we will offer an overview of the cleaning products available with Proersa’s formula.

Case A – Your company already owns a marketing authorisation for a biocide and/or disinfectant product

In this case, it is a pretty straightforward product development. We would do all the standard test to see how your products work and react in aerosol (More details on this with this link).
Once we can make sure, the product is stable and present no risk, it is possible to send us the containers for your products.

Then, from this stage, PROERSA can take the lead on the project and start ordering the components and contract filling your products. For a standard product, the lead time from the reception of the order to the manufacturing is around 6 to 8 weeks.


Please note that all the products ,requiring a One Shot diffuser, are subject to longer lead time. The manufacturers of these kind of diffusers have been overwhelmed by the recent demand.


                Case B – Your company doesn’t yet own a marketing authorisation for a biocide and/or disinfectant product

PROERSA as a company doesn’t own marketing authorisation of any kind.

Then for this particular case, it is better to target cleaning products. Obviously, a cleaning product is not here for disinfection, but remains helpful. ( In order to prevent COVID19 contamination from surfaces, it is clearly indicated to use disinfectants.)

A cleaning product will not protect you 100% against the risk of contamination. But it offers a primary barrier against other contaminations. It allows you to maintain a level of hygiene for your hands when you have no direct access to disinfectant products.

One of our best selling formulas right now contains 72% alcohol and allows you to dry clean your hands.


Our cleaning products in Aerosol

  • hand sanitizing spray

This has been one of the most sold products at Proersa given the circumstances during the pandemic. The demand has litterally surged for these products during the peak of the pandemy in Spain. Given the fickle situation we are in, we expect this product to stay on top of our sales until a vaccine is found to mitigate the virus.

Please click on the link here to see the technical data sheet of this product.

If necessary, this formula can also be declined in foams.

  • Surface sanitizer

This has been clearly one of the most sold product. This is a product composed mainly of alcohol. Once pressed, the actuator delivers more than 80% of ethanol on the surface. As one wants to avoid potential direct contacts. It is very efficient for the area with a lot of footwork, for example a door handle in an office, computer keyboards.

  • Other products

It is important to remember that we can also offer other cleaning products, non related with covid. Here below is the list of products we currently have in store with our own formulas. (These formulas are revisable to the client’s appreciation, but would be subject to new stability tests).

  • Air freshener, Odour Eliminator
  • Furniture Cleaner and Shiner
  • Multiuse and Glass Cleaner
  • Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner
  • Mop and Duster Spray
  • Grout Cleaner and Whitener
  • Oven Cleaner, Stain remover
  • Plant Leaf Shiner


PROERSA AEROSOLES, S.A.U. is a European market leader for aerosol filling. Since 1969, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to private label.
We make the aerosol manufacturing process easy for you. We can offer you a turn-key solution ( Full-service) or just help you on specific operations. Our services include R&D, formulation, manufacturing of concentrate, filling and assembling of the components.

If you have an interest in developing new aerosol product, but you have no idea where to start, you will find with the following link an article explaining you all the key steps of developing an aerosol and how to put together an efficient retroplanning. The 5 key steps of an aerosol development and efficient retroplanning.

For the products requiring marketing authorisation, we can also assist you technically to develop the right product with all the right documentation. Our technical team knows all the arcane of this work and have all the necessary knowledge and expertise to carry this work and offer you a reliable service.

If you have an unstoppable curiosity for aerosol filling, we will release soon an ebook with all the information, techniques and tips. To be among the first to receive it, please subscribe to the newsletter and we will make sure you receive it in preview.

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