2020: Will we see the emergence of CBD products in aerosol ?

CBD seems to be taking over the world of cosmetics by storm. Even though the legal framework isn’t really clear on these products, we see a lot of companies already selling these products for traditional cosmectics application. The first aerosols with CBD active components should hit the market soon in Europe.

Our last visit to the White Label expo in London has been an eye opener. Now it is posible to find CBD in almost any imaginable cosmetic products.

The US have an edge in this field and have given authorisations for CBD products. According to Future Market Insight, in the US alone, it is estimated the market for CBD products will rise to 20 billions $ in 2024, (in comparison for 2019 the estimated market for CBD valued at 645 million $). There is a lot of room for indie brands and as well for the major mainstream brands.


Are we assisting to the rise of a new family of products ? How to capitalyze success on this new market ?

What is CBD ?  What is it known for ?

CBD is one of the molecul present in hemp and cannabis. For example, hemp is not prohibited in most countries due to the THC rate (hemp’s psychoactive compoment) being inferior to 0,2%.

It is pretty clear that CBD has become a marketing argument for a lot of companies. The latest research on the field shows the following benefits ( Harvard Medical School) : “CBD is commonly used to address anxiety, and for patients who suffer through the misery of insomnia, studies suggest that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep. […] CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis.”

There are also a number of other applications for some specific medical conditions. To the general public these are the effects for which CBD is known.

Why could it be interesting in an aerosol ?

Some aerosol application seem particularly useful to achieve maximum results from the CBD. The combination of CBD with the use of an aerosol can lead to great products for niche markets.

  • With the explosion of running, a large number of people are also developping inflammations due to bad posture while running. A CBD moisturising foam can probably address or créate a need on this market.
  • With the ageing of population in a number of countries, the problems of arthritis become more current. A range of CBD cosmetics adressing directly these people would be a great idea.
  • With the rise of Rituals and it shower gels, one could imagine a shower foam or a shower gel with CBD, used before going to sleep. According to scientific research it might be particularly helpful.


Confusion and legal framework

As it is right now, the CBD status vary greatly from one country to another. While some countries authorise it, some other countries indicate that they tolerate. Tolerance maintains an evasive framework, making it hard to decide about whether or not launching a range of CDB products.

This is a critical point to every company, or wannabe company, in the CBD business. Does my territories authorise or tolerate CBD ? This should be identified as a risk factor and it needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.


Proersa’s CBD formulations

Our vision is to always help our customers in creating new and differentiating products and  formulations. So far, we have a large range of available products with CBD: deodorants, massage oils, body sprays, hair care products and more.

We have already worked to adapt our generic formulations into CBD-ready formulations.

If you are looking for an aerosol manufacturer that can make you unique and trend setting, then Proersa might be a good option. We have all the necessary experience to formulate and to bring to market products compliant with European regulations.


PROERSA AEROSOLES, S.A.U. is a European market leader for aerosol filling. Since 1969, we are dedicated exclusively to private label.
We make the aerosol manufacturing process easy for you. We can offer you a turn-key solution ( Full-service) or just help you on specific operations. Our services include R&D, formulation, manufacturing of concentrate, filling and assembling of the components.

Should you be interested in the developing new aerosol product, but you have no idea where to start, you will find with the following link an article explaining you all the key steps of developing an aerosol and how to put together an efficient retroplanning. The 5 key steps of an aerosol development and efficient retroplanning.

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