Comparison between shaving foam aerosol filling and shaving gel

Shaving foam aerosol filling – The shaving market is in a constant renewal process thanks to the hipster phenomenon. A lot of new companies concepts have emerged and managed to create a place for themselves in this sector. The openings of barber shops flourish in all city centers and are the most obvious manifestation of this trend. Some products find a new youth: badger brush, straight razor and bring a more old school feel to shaving. There are also complete new products for after shaving, but also for beard care ( beard oil for example)

This article is aimed at the people in charge of new product in aerosol projects, or looking for new suppliers in aerosol. With this article, you will learn the criteria to ponder between a shaving foam and a shaving gel. You will see also the differences in the filling process.

When we talk about male shaving and male grooming, the inevitable product in every man’s toiletry bag is of course the shaving foam. Indeed, the foam offer some serious advantages:
– Nomad: it can be taken and used anywhere
– Easy to use: you press the diffuser, the foam or gel gets out and you just have to apply it on your skin

Formula: what are the possible claims to obtain ?

The formula for shaving gel and shaving foam result from the assembly of a minimum of 7 materials, that offer a platform to add more raw materials depending on the claims you wish for the formula.

It is important to think clearly about the skin types and beard types you want to address, we can distinguish 2: Normal skin, sensitive skin/ tough beard.

Then, it is important to address the king of shaving you want to address: close shave or just beard maintenance.

In the case of sensitive skin, Aloe Vera is a great addition to moisture the skin and it will make razor slide easier. It is highly recommended also because it avoids the risk of cut and irritation /  rash.

Chamomile and vitamin E are also a great idea for tough beards and sensitive skin. Those 2 materials soften the hair and make the action of the razor easier.


How to choose between shaving foam and shaving gel ? What are the differences ?

The difference comes mainly from the filling. The Shaving foam is a traditional aerosol with bulk and gas inside ( a mix between butane and propane).

In the case of the shaving gel, we are in a BOV filling, i.e. bag-on-valve. The bulk is filled into an aluminium bag, solded to the valve. While filling the bag, the can is also filled with compressed air. Consequently, when climping the valve, you create pressure inside the can and the compressed air becomes the propellant gas. There are no petro-chemical gas to propel the bulk out of the can. However, to obtain the gel, it is necessary to use in the formula a mixture of gases isobutane/isopentane ( The flammable pictograms on the product remain the same for the shaving foam and the shaving gel, because the  products carry flammable gases.)


The choice criteria for influencers and consumers are mainly the composition of the formula. Then, the texture and the sensation offered by the product.

For example, for the consumers looking for an accurate shaving to maintain their beard, shaving gel offers more commodities and allow for a more localized action.

On the other hand,  the figures for shaving gel  are likely to slow down because they carry isobutane and isopentane. They have effects on environment and can harm aquatic life.



In conclusion, whether you are looking for a shaving foam or shaving gel, PROERSA can offer you ready to use formulas. We have developed formulas for all types of skin and all kind of shaving. We are also capable to offer you formulas with ecological ingredients.

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Article written by Anthony Plasse, export manager at PROERSA and proud owner of a 3-day long beard for years now. To engage the discussion with me on social networks, please follow / connect with me on Linkedin