Cosmetic Aerosol Foams: 5 ideas to expand your sales

Cosmetic Aerosol Foams – When we are talking about cosmetic aerosol foams, no matter in which business line, it is obvious than the foams are aerosols that sell well. For example, in the personal care category, the shaving foam is a best-seller. Let’s put it simply, it is the second product most sold in this category, coming only after deodorants.

For all the hair care segment, the foams know also a lot of declinations: fixing foam, volume foam, etc…

Nevertheless, this texture which exists for a long time hadn’t known a lot of new cosmetic aerosol foams for a very long time.

But, since now a couple of years / months, cosmetic aerosol foams and their new declinations open new markets for all the actors of the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Little overview of this texture and the ways it is taking over by storm the beauty shelves of your favourite shops.


1 – Shower foams

Undeniably the product making noise among all the innovations that we are going to present.
How to explain this surge so rapidly ? Without a doubt, the cosmetic sector has understood that with the aerosol packaging they could reduce plastics waste. But there is also the Rituals phenomenon. The Ducth brand is no stranger to the raise of these products in our bathrooms, they have made this product popular.

Shower foam by Dove (Unilever)

(Reminder: we have studied the influence of neuro-marketing and scented label on this very product. Article on the following link: neuro marketing and scented labels.)

On this market we can also notice the performance of the French brand: Ouate, focusing their efforts on the children from 4 to 11 years old, with shower foams for body and hair. With the washing whipped cream, Ouate offers more playful textures. The goal is to make the shower time easier for the little ones (but also for their parents).


2- Solar foams

How to offer a pleasing sensory experience when applying sun protection ? In general, this moment always feel greasy and or sticky.

The solar foam is probably the best answer found so far to have a product that is  at the same time easy to apply and also fastly absorbed by your skin.

When one of the historical brands on the French market for sun protection launch a solar foam, it is definitely a strong signal that a new trend is emerging. Biafine with its solar foam shows the way on this segment.

With the summer season upon us, it is definitely one of the products for which we have the more demand.

In another way, on the US market, the brand Coppertone has launched a solar foam using the code of whipped cream ( shape of the can, diffusion). It seems like the whipped cream is good inspiration for the cosmetics…

The galenic on the solar market could still evolve with the fusion of the solar foam and the crackling foam (see product in section 5 of this article), to create an even stronger sensorial experience when applying the solar foam. To be continued…


3- Perfume foams

This innovation comes directly from France and starts to make great noise. Finalist this year at the Cosmoprof awards, the company Foamous is creating a new beauty routine with is perfume foams.

Instead of using a perfume, you apply a foam for more sensoriality. The remanence of the perfumes is 6 hours.

This is a unique product at the crossroad between traditional perfumery and cosmetics.


4 – Dry shampoo foams

Here again, another innovation spotted directly at the 2019 Cosmoprof edition with their Trends Reports.

The German company Beauty Lab Gmbh and its brand Ikoo have launched a dry shampoo foam.

The big advantage of this product, compared to normal dry shampoo, is there are no residues left after the application.

Last but not least, it is to underline that they managed to obtain a vegan, silicon free and paraben free formulation. #deutschequalitat


5 – Crackling foams

criss, criss, criss… Does this noise ring any bell to you ? Of course, here we are describing the sweet noise and even sweeter sensation when applying the crackling foam onto your skin. From a sensoriality perspective, this is truly a new experiencer that is offered to the consumer, almost a journey.

Indeed, crackling foams are first of all a chemical performance. When applying the product, you will have bubbles of gas inside the foam.  The action of applying the foam will burst the bubble and deliver the crackling effect.

The crackling foam is not a single product, it is rather a platform for new products.
By understanding this mechanism, you can see that there are several possible declinations: moisturizing, after sun, etc…

In the examples of best-sellers in this category, there is one company that really needs to be acknowledged: Herborist or 佰草集 (Bai Cao Ji). For no, this is this only Chinese premium cosmetics brand that has managed to successfully implant their products in Europe. This is a brand of the Chinese group Jahwa, started 110 years ago in Shanghai.

Their golden goose product is the after sun crackling foam.


We can also underline the French brand Garancia with its slimming effect crackling foam: Fée moi fondre.




With all those examples, we hope that you can now appreciate all those innovations and that they have inspired you for your own cosmetic aerosol foams.

Just a reminding note, should you be interested to develop a new product inspired by the products above, PROERSA has its own formulations available for all the presented products.

Should you be interested in the developing new aerosol product, but you have no idea where to start, you will find with the following link an article explaining you all the key steps of developing an aerosol and how to put together an efficient retroplanning. The 5 key steps of an aerosol development and efficient retroplanning.

Otherwise, should you know already all bout the process to develop an aerosol, maybe this article about the aerosol packaging innovations could interest you. Please find our resumé of the best innovations we found at PCD Paris 2019.

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