Ecological aerosol filling : Bag-on-Valve

Ecological Aerosol Filling – Aerosol is a product that carries a lot of stereotypes. Some people still think aerosols in spray can destroy the ozone layer. Above all, this has been corrected 30 years ago with the ban of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) propellants…

In the last few years, the numbers of products in (BOV) (Bag-on-valve) have been made possible thanks to innovations around the valve. These inovations have made greener aerosols possible, using no propellant .

What are the green arguments for ecological aerosol filling ?

Firstly, this situation described above is still true. Most of the companies are reluctant to launch a new product in aerosol, because of the bad image of the product. The aerosol sector needs to make more efforts in its communication to the general public.

As the trends go towards more green beauty. The BOV system offers some solid arguments to convince the public.
– Only compressed air.
– No petrochemical gas as a propellant.
– Up to 99% of product emptying.


BOV Filling stages

Functional arguments

There are also some other benefits to bear in mind with this system.

  1. No contact between the concentrate and the propellant gas.In a traditionnal aerosol, sometimes the concentrate can have bad reactions over time with the propellant gas. However, with this system, we isolate the concentrate from the gas. Therefore, the bag plays the part of an isolant between the concentrate and the propellant.
  2.  Can be used at all anglesBOV aerosols can be used at 360º. There are no limits. Our recent filling of thermal water sprays have demonstrated increased levels of customer satisfaction. You avoid the traditionnal trap of the aerosol with concentrate left inside, but no gas left to spray it out.

Technical process

This technology allows you to replace petrochemical gases and obtain an ecologically-neutral product.

1-Fill the can with compressed air

2- filling of the bag with the concentrate.

In the end, you succeed to create a 9 bars pressure inside the can. See picture above.
In comparison, the filling process is almost the exact opposite with the traditional aerosol.

Products available and Limitations

As of today, there are currently 3 main products benefitting from this technology:
– Solar sprays
– Shaving gels
– Thermal water sprays.

a. Economic limitation

Actually, the main limitating factor to the expansion of the BOV technology is its cost. The valve on its own is 4 or 5 times more expensive than a traditionnal valve. It makes it a high-end product that premium brands can afford.

b. Technical limitation

Furthermore, on a technical note, some products can not be effectively translated into BOV aerosols.
It is the case  for the products that need the properties of propellant gases.

– A dry shampoo need the propelling power of the gas to deliver the powder to the hair in a dry way.
– The foams need the gas to have theoir foamy aspect.


There are already a lof of products on the market that are using this ecological aerosoll filling. Big cosmetics multinationals use it already for their shaving gels, sun sprays, deodorants, thermal waters.

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