Aerosol filling in Europe – Information campaign by AEDA

Aerosol filling in Europe  – AEDA is the Spanish aerosol association, it represents all those involved in the aerosol industry in Spain. The association has turned 60 in 2020.  AEDA is a member of the FEA (European Aerosol Federation). There is a synchronization at the European level for the regulation of aerosols. The European work between the different aerosol associations in each country makes it possible to offer a homogeneous regulation among the 27 countries of the European Union.

We make a list of these most visible applications.

  • The stability test protocol comes from the FEA recommendations. It stipulates that a product must remain 45 days in an oven at 50ºC to reproduce one year of the product’s life at room temperature.
  • The transport of aerosols and their coding is one of the most visible successes of FEA. Above all, this applies for both for the transport of pallets in limited quantity, and for the regulations on hand luggage on airplanes.
  • At the environmental level, it facilitates the adoption of recycling empty aerosols by yellow containers.

In 2018, a total of 328,500,000 aerosols were filled in Spain. According to the data, the Spanish market is very similar to the European market in % of shares per category.  70% of filled aerosols are in the beauty and personal care sector. 20% is with home care sprays. The remaining is in food products.

Aerosol information campaign by AEDA.

This campaign targets a wide audience and attempts to improve global awareness about aerosol. Moreover, even today there are false beliefs about aerosol. Despite extensive research proving the contrary, some people still believe aerosols harm the ozone layer. 

At an individual level, the use of an aerosol barely affects your carbon footprint. For that resaon, aerosol gas pollution is a small fraction of human greenhouse gas emissions. Meanwhile like every industry, regulation and communication is needed to help consumers. PROERSA wants to show its commitment to increase ecological products. For example, PROERSA has recently achieved the Cosmos Natural certificate.

Since AEDA has created a small video that offers quick and clear information on the daily use of aerosol. Therefore PROERSA, as a member of the association, wants to share this content to show how useful and modern the aerosol is. Equally important, it is also a product in constant growth in all over the world (especially in the Personal Care and Home sectors). In order to improve the image and perception of our industry, it is important for us to enhance the communication channels. Hence we hope you like it !

Conclusion – Aerosol filling in Europe

Undeniably, AEDA is a very relevant source of information for people who have aerosol projects. For this reason, PROERSA is a partner of AEDA and is committed to working with AEDA.

PROERSA AEROSOLES, S.A.U. is the Spanish market leader in aerosol filling. Since 1969, our purpose is exclusively on the contract manufacturing of aerosols for private label customers. We make the aerosol filling process easy for you. We can offer you a turnkey solution (Full-service) or simply help you with specific operations.

Our services include R & D , formulation, manufacture of bulks, filling and assembly of components. After that, we recently published our white paper on aerosol packaging. You will find practical tips and checklists to effectively develop an aerosol. Similarly, there are also a lot of tips on how to set up an effective retroplanning. The e-book is available on the home page. If this article has been helpful to you, feel free to contact us at It will be a pleasure to help you.

The PROERSA team.

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