Sensorial marketing: how scented labels could help you to sell more aerosols?

The power of our subconscious mind on our buying decisions does not have to be proven anymore. The Scientific community agree to say that our subconscious mind reacts to an external trigger and takes the decision. Then our rational brain takes over and does some story telling to rationalize the buying decision.

To illustrate this concept, we could all relate to this situation when you enter in a supermarket, with no particular intention but to buy a loaf of bread. Then the moment you are near the bakery shelves, you have a nice odour of croissants and without noticing it you end up with a baguette in your trolley. Fascinating, isn’t it?
The work of the American researcher Eric Spangenberg * (Washington State University) has mainly shown that odours have a direct impact on the time spent, but also on your itinerary in store.

One of the  marketing tools we want to highlight in this article is a scented label. We think this innovative concept could particularly be of interest to all clients selling perfumed products and/or product with a high level of sensoriality.
E.g: Unilever is already using these for their shower mousse and deodorants.(see picture)


For example, on this picture you can clearly see the scented label is placed strategically on the aerosol cap.

These labels can offer your products an additional opportunity to differentiate themselves from your competitors. When the competition is focusing only on the visual aspect of the product, you rapidly take over because you are capable to offer a product able to sell to the visual and olfactive senses.

On top of that, these labels are a perfect way to keep products unopened in store yet still allows the consumer to engage. For all the perfumed products, while in-store, the consumer generally opens one to test the product directly. Clients using scented labels have seen a 15% decrease of unsellable products in store.

For these scented labels, we are working in partnership with the company Leading Edge Labels and Packaging, based in the South East of England, which is a European reference in the field of packaging production for FMCG. Leading Edge not only supplies the UK but also exports 65% of its portfolio to mainland EU and other parts of the globe.


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The PROERSA team

*source : Spangenberg, E. R., Crowley, A. E., Henderson, P. W. (1996). Improving the store environment: Do olfactory cues affect evaluations and behaviors? The Journal of Marketing, 60(2), 67–80.