First of all, as the new year starts, we would like to extend to all our clients and partners our best wishes for 2019 !

Having said that, 2019 will hold a special place in PROERSA’s history as we will be celebrating our 50th birthday.

Strategically, this year will be placed under the sign of ambition and development. In this context, the European market will have a predominant position.

We want to be your leading partner for aerosol filling. To do so, we have increased our efforts on product innovation, but also in the field of new services.

For the product innovations, we will be at PCD Paris to present the following: self tanning spray, shaving gel, shower gel, crackling foam, texture spray, dry conditionner.
For those who can not go to this show, but are interested in those products, please contact us on

We are currently working to obtain the Ecocert cosmos filler accreditation and hope to achieve it on the first half of 2019. In first place, this should offer options to our clients of mineral water spray, sun spray, deodorants and shaving gel. Thanks to this certification, they will be able to have Ecocert cosmos approved products and will be able to answer better to the ever growing demand of greener packaging.

For all the companies selling cosmetics, we are now implementing a service to assist you with all the regulatory proceedings. (e.g. marketing authorisations). This will be another layer of service we can offer to all our clients, lacking time or knowledge in the regulatory matters.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your trust and support along those years and we wish to continue being your preferred aerosol filling partner for many years.

The PROERSA team